Monday, August 25, 2008

Why Berba to United is not the best move!

I have 5 points on why buying Berbatov will not help us with our current situation and in the long run its better to stick with what we have.

1. The bottom line is we have some possible great young stars. Frazier Campbell has looked good when given chances and almost got on the score sheet against Newcastle twice. Manucho is a quality player and is exactly the kind of player we are looking for, someone who can play in certain games to help stretch the field and be a target man who can hold up the ball for the on rushing midfield. If we buy Berbatov or any new striker the possibility of these two getting a game are minimal. They will be relegated to the off chance an injury occurs and early FA and Carling cup action. Development has been severely lacking in United’s youth system, seems ridiculous to spend that type of money when options still exist.

2. While some may consider it a long shot, Louis Saha is another tailored made striker for what is needed at United. The best part is he still a Red Devil, while I know it may seem unlikely for Saha to make a full recovery and not pick up another injury, which he seems to have a knack for but striker can often surprise you when coming back from an injury. RVN after his knee surgery is a prime example. While I understand the worry of Saha being so prone to injury if we are to believe what we read than Saha’s new fitness plan might just lead him to an injury free campaign.

3. The cost of Berbatov is just too high. A 28-year-old striker should not cost $30+ million and it seems ridiculous to suggest he is. Ronaldinho was sold to AC Milan for less money. While United still remain in debt and the club is finding it harder and harder to make more than they spend, it seems like a large sum of money being spent for someone who might do harm than good.

4. Berbatov is not a guarantee success. People often watch how one player plays for one team and we often assume he will fit in to any team. This is not the case, look at Bent who was the leading English goal scorer when he played at Charlton but now finds it difficult to retain that form at Tottenham. He might come in and not fit in at all and while I agree with the ideas of his ability being the striker needs, I don’t believe he is worth the price tag set and do believe we have adequate cover in the form of youth and possibly from a veteran.

5. My final reason is simple; we can wait a year. United will find it difficult to win this season, period, with or without Berba. There is no guarantee that he will mean wins for United against other top 3 clubs. Chelsea look stronger than ever, Liverpool look to be able to dominate, and Arsenal have that swagger even when coming up short. United have the ability on there books now to get a win on any one of these teams and there fore we should avoid a huge money transfer that is simple not needed. Better options look available next summer in Karim Benzema, Huntelaar, maybe Berbatov again, David Villa, and the list goes on.

What ever the case of the transfer market United look to have a strong enough squad to repeat as EPL champions. We saw how Chelsea can be pushed against the ropes and given a more quality side for Wigan they would have got at least a point last weekend. Liverpool can also count them lucky, except Stevie G came up big for the reds. Arsenal got beat by lowly Fulham who would have thought that would have been an easy three points. United can win this league but a good result is needed tomorrow against Portsmouth. will show the game and if you have a pc, has good links.

In any way if he does come to United he will help us win, but another generation of possible United stars will be lost to other clubs. I am interested to see what Fergie has planned during the last days of the transfer window.

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