Saturday, August 16, 2008

Lets Get It Going.....

It’s finally over…

I apologize for the long delay, but I was soaking up the sun in Destin, Florida. It was a nice trip but its time for the new season to begin and the saga is over. I kid you not; Ronaldo will be staying for another year at Old Trafford. I have been very critical of Ronaldo and the idea of holding on to him at all costs. So what can we expect?

I fully expect Ronaldo to fulfill his duties and play lights out this year. He will do all he can because his brilliance doesn’t arise from wanting to help his team. If it did I would be worried that we would see a lack luster performance because he is unhappy to be “stuck” at United. But his brilliance comes from wanting to be the best of all time and I think he will continue to rise to that mark.

I don’t want to come off as sounding like I have changed my tune, but he will work hard and play a crucial role in United securing a 3rd EPL title in a row. The bottom line is he is gone next summer, if not then the next, but Ronaldo is a not a Red Devil and I don’t want him to be. Someone put it best when they said he is a f*** buddy who will leave us satisfied but have no emotional commitment to us what so ever. I don’t think he will hear his name sung nearly as loud as last year but some fans will forgive. I cannot. I never want to see him in a United jersey again, but I will deal with it if he helps us repeat our success from last year. Ronaldo is everything that is wrong with sports, for better or worse, sports are a multimillion dollar a year business and with that you get players carrying more about money and image than you do with bringing glory to the club they represent.

With all that said I hope he does well, and if he doesn’t I see no problem with Fergie sitting him in favor of Nani or even Park. However, I don’t see Ronaldo struggling. I see him scoring over 20 goals, but playing a larger role in setting up quality chances for Rooney, Tevez, and our new mystery man.

Surpise, Surprise?

Speaking on that note, it seems Berbatov will become a Red Devil this week. A fee is almost agreed and the player seems to really want to join us, according to reports. Fergie has refused to comment but did say, "You might be surprised at what is going to happen over the next two days." Hopefully this is a Berbatov signing coupled with another player to play a role, but could also be something bigger. This worries me.

Why would I be worried? Ronaldo could sign a new contract, I have read some rumors about it, but dismissed them. This could make some sense but he obviously doesn’t care about contracts and was willing to throw away the lucrative deal for a bigger one. Is it hard for any of us to see, Real Madrid finding the money for Ronaldo next summer? If he does sign on, and we see a couple summers of him saying I want to stay, I might change my tune, but he will have to work at showing the true diehards he really wants to be a Red Devil.

Newcastle vs. Manchester United
Sunday 9am ET

The season starts with a fixture that could challenge United. Usually United do well against Newcastle, but with Newcastle looking to improve this season they will come out firing. Newcastle may push is, but with Rooney fit I can’t see any other outcome than a United win.

Look for United to win 3-1 or 2-0 nothing with our defense playing well. I expect United to play comfortable but not at the level we are use to. Give them about 3-4 weeks to begin to hit form, which is close to a come back for Ronaldo. Giggs has looked good this preseason and I think Tevez will absolute shine this year. He will be one of if not the most important player on our squad. I think he will score over 25 goals and score at least 7 game winners. I believe the beginning of the season is the most crucial this year. Chelsea, Arsenal, and Liverpool could all challenge all though I agree with Fergie when he says Chelsea is the biggest threat. We have to do well all year long, avoid any losing streaks, win our big four games at home and steal 1-2 games away.

I am really excited about this year and think United could have a squad that will go down in history as the Busby babes have. Fergie is the best manager of all time, and will once again prove his worth this year if he can bring in another EPL trophy.

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